The Terrible Thunderlizards
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The Terrible Thunderlizards were introduced on the Eek! the Cat show during the second season in 1993. The main characters are dinosaurs named Doc Tari, Bo Diddley Squat and Daze E. Kutter who are known familiarily as Doc, Squat and Kutter respectively. They are collectively The Terrible Thunderlizards. The Terrible Thunderlizards

The premise of the show is that they were released from Jurassic Prison in Jurassic City on the condition that they would ultimately get rid of the pesky humans, in particular, Bill and Scooter, who constantly thwart the efforts to do them in made by the Thunderlizards. Also, the Thunderlizards often come up against their arch-enemies, the Thugo the ThugasaurThugasaurs, who are sort of zombie-like living skeletal dinosaurs that live in the dreaded X-Zone. The leader of the Thugasaurs is named Thugo and his right-hand man is Biff. The Thugasaurs are at least as inept as the Thunderlizards in whatever endeavors they undertake.

The Thunderlizards taskmaster is General Galapagos General Galapagoswho gives them their orders for their missions to irradicate the humans. He is often heard to say, "We dinosaurs are doomed, I just know it!" usually after the Thunderlizards make a huge blunder, which they seem quite prone to do.

BillThe humans, Bill and Scooter, are also rather inept but they seem to have luck on their side most of the time, at least when it comes to avoiding the wrath of the Thunderlizards. They accidentally come out on top every time in spite of their lack of skills, however they do have their share of personal disasters.